Jazz Recorded Live (unrehearsed): Randy on drums.
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The Lounge
Randy on Drums
Tommy & Randy
Keyboard Concepts
Jim Guss
NOTE: Not the same order that the player plays them in.
meetup 2-21-2011 (Randy Drums):   All Of Me - JB Ozzy RandyS BenK.mp3   All The Things U R - RobertoC RandyS RandyH Todd.mp3   Beginning To see the light - SA Norm RandyH Randy S.mp3   Blue Bossa - Girltunes BenK RandyS Felix.mp3   Goodmornin Heartache - SA Norm RandyH Randy S.mp3   Night & Day - JeffB BenK GC RandyS.mp3   One Note Samba - JB Ozzy RandyS BenK.mp3   Stella - RobertoC RandyS RandyH Todd.mp3   There Wont B Another U - JeffB BenK GC RandyS David W.mp3   meetup 1-31-2011 (GC Bass):   Solar - JB JimGuss RandyS Ruth GC.mp3   Misty Richard Norm BenK GC AndrewS.mp3   Blue Monk - JB JimGuss RandyS Ruth GC.mp3   Autumn Leaves - Juanda GloriaG JimGuss RandyS GC.mp3   Invitation - Vince GC Girltunes Jimguss.mp3   God Bless The Child - Daresha Norm BenK AndrewS GC.mp3   Softly as morning sunrise - Vince GC Girltunes Jimguss.mp3   Never Be Another You Tapia Randy GC Ben K Roberto C.mp3   All The Things you are - Richard Alon BenK GC Andrew S.mp3   Stormy Monday Juanda GloriaG JimGuss RandyS GC.mp3   All of Me - Daresha Norm BenK AndrewS GC.mp3   Aint Misbehavin - Tapia Randy GC Ben K Roberto C.mp3   Lullaby of Birdland Richard Norm BenK GC AndrewS.mp3   Summertime Richard Alon BenK GC Andrew S.mp3   meetup 1-17-2011 (Garland (G.C.)bass)(Randy & Andrew drums):   Fi Fi Fo Fum - JeffB - Jim Guss.mp3   500 Miles High - Roberto C - Jim Guss.mp3   Misty - Andrew S - Norm - Jim Guss - Mike.mp3   Stella By Starlight - Roberto C - Jim Guss.mp3   Body n Soul - Juanda - Gloria - Jim Guss.mp3   Don't Get around much anymore - Juanda - Gloria - Jim Guss.mp3   My Funny Valentine - JeffB - Mike Bowdren - Alon - Ben King(Andrew drums).mp3   Crazy - Sharel Ann-Ben King-Norm McGraw.mp3   How Insensitive - Tapia - Girltunes - BenK - Andrew S.mp3   Aint Miss Behavin Sharel Ann-Ben King-Norm McGraw.mp3   There will never be another you - JeffB - Mike Bowdren - Alon - Ben King(Andrew drums).mp3   Blue in Green - Roberto C - Jim Guss(Andrew drums).mp3   Blue Bossa - Roberto C - Jim Guss(Andrew drums).mp3   Girl From Ipanema - JeffB - Jim Guss - Tapia.mp3   Equinox - Andrew S - Norm - Jim Guss - Mike(Andrew drums).mp3   meetup 12-27-2010 (Noel bass)(Randy drums):   California_dreaming(Norm_piano)(Ben_guitar).mp3   How_high_the_moon(Norm_piano)(Ben_guitar).mp3   Blue_Bossa(RobertoC_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   Autumn_leaves(RobertoC_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   500_miles_high(Jeff_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   Stella(Jeff_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   Don't_get_around_much_anymore(Norm_piano)(Ben_guitar).mp3   How_insensitive(Norm_piano)(Ben_guitar).mp3   Wisper_not(Mark_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   Giant_steps(RobertoC_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   Blue_and_green(RobertoC_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   A_child_is_born(Jeff_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   Days_of_wine_and_roses(Jeff_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   Alone_together(Mark_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   Four(GirlTunes_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   Long_ago_and_far_away(GirlTunes_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   Blue_Monk(RobertoC_piano)(Randy_Hano_guitar).mp3   Girl_from_Ipanema(Jeff_piano)(Bosco_guitar).mp3   meetup 12-13-2010 (recording is dialed in nicely now):   C_jam_blues.mp3   Coral.mp3   Falling_grace.mp3   Don't_blame_me_(piano_Girltunes).mp3   We'll_be_together_again(piano_Girltunes).mp3   Blue_Bossa.mp3   Wish_upon_a_star.mp3   Piano_guitar_bass_drums_Ballad.mp3   Piano_guitar_bass_drums.mp3   Piano(Roberto).mp3   Instrumental_piano_guitar_bass_drums.mp3   Piano(Girltunes)guitar_bass_drums.mp3   Blues_get_the_blank_out_of_here.mp3   Instrumental_piano(Roberto)_guitar_bass_drums.mp3   Lullaby_of_Bird_Land.mp3   God_bless_the_child(vocals_Lisa_Steel).mp3   How_high_the_moon.mp3   How_insensitive.mp3   One_note_samba1.mp3   meetup 11-29-2010 (recording level a bit to hot):   Great_piano_player_Jim_Guss(guitar)Chico_Fernandez(drums)Garland(bass).mp3   Fever(Chico_Fernandez_drums).mp3   Cantelope_Island_Jeff_JiM_Garland_Randy.mp3   Tiskit_a_taskit(Chico_Fernandez_drums).mp3   Jeff_Bauer_piano_tune.mp3   girltunes_song.mp3   You_are_the_sunshine.mp3   Girl_tunes_piano.mp3   Roberto_C_piano.mp3   Roberto_C_Randy.mp3   There_will_never_be_another_you(Arron_drum_solo).mp3   They_can't_take_that_away.mp3   Teach_me-tonight(Arron_drums).mp3   Them_there_eyes.mp3   Can_we_friends.mp3   Don't_blame_me.mp3   Autumn_leaves1.mp3   Foolish_heart.mp3   Autumn_Leaves.mp3   meetup 11-6-2010:   how_high_the_moon_drums_out_to_pluto_Alara_Mills(vocals).mp3   Another_you_instrumental.mp3   Summertime_Alara_Mills_vocals.mp3   Green_dolphin_street_die_dolphin_die.mp3   All_of_me_David_Winton_Barge(vocals).mp3   I've_got_it_bad_David_Winton_Barge(vocals).mp3   On_a_clear_day_Alara_Mills(vocals).mp3   Flash_bang_Alara_Mills_vocals.mp3   Inch_Worm(great_vocals)great_song.mp3   Saint_Louie_Woman_David_Winton_Barge(vocals).mp3   first_tape_piano_guitar(Jim_Guss)_bass_drums_2.mp3   first_tape_piano_guitar(Jim_Guss)_bass_drums_1.mp3   song_for_my_father.mp3   Misty_David_Winton_Barge(vocals).mp3   Center Piece Jasmine Jamison(vocals) mp3   God Bless the Child Jasmine Jamison(vocals) mp3   All Blues Jasmine Jamison(vocals) mp3   last_tape_piano_bass_drums3.mp3   Satin_Doll.mp3   last_tape_piano_bass_drums2.mp3   last_tape_piano_bass_drums1.mp3   Bet_your_bottom_dollar_Alara_Mills(vocals).mp3   second_tape_piano_bass_drums1.mp3