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Drummer playing all styles, moved back to Fresno July 2016 after spending the last 25 years in L.A. ( Venice Beach California )
I hosted Sunday nights at Canters Kibitz Room 1993, the scene written up in Rolling Stone article that year, still hangs there.
Guns n Roses tour. Also hosted Wednesday nights at the Venice Bistro on Venice Beach back in the 1990's.

Up One Hundred Plus (YouTube Video) 3:46
I Can't Quit You Baby-Encore (YouTube Video) 6:01
Blues at the Trip in Santa Monica (YouTube Video) 8:33

Recorded live (Jazz) West LA Jazz Jam Sessions
Recorded live (Variety) Cab Street Band
Recorded live (Country) Greg Cruz, Wolf & Randy
Recorded live (Classic Rock & Roll) Peter Demian, Greg Cruz, Randy
In the studio (Alternative Rock)
Recorded live (Contemporary Christian) Catalyst
My Invention for drummers The Randy (Hi Hat Adaptor)
VeniceLion originals:
Chauncey 1969 Iron Butterfly, Eric Burdon and War

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solo: Drum Solo 2:45
Recorded Live on Venice Beach (Al, Warren, Randy):
Dolly Dagger 5:09   Candy 7:02   Fast Walking Blues 4:49  
Don't Know 5:18   Girl from El Segundo 3:54   Bennie 3:36  
Afghan Shuffle 5:01   She's Strange 7:24   Candy 7:13  
Way of the World 4:27   Fast Walking Blues 4:44  
Foot Steps in the Dark 6:20   No Name 5:36  
Fast Walking Blues 6:09  
Dolly Dagger technical difficulties drums continue 6:35  
Groove one 7:30   Western - Al Robinson Original 5:36  
Blues Shuffle 4:01  
Recorded Live on the Beach (Al, Stephen, Randy):
Walking blues 3:32   Get on up 3:24   Don't know 7:44  
Groove one 8:23   Groove two 9:27  
Stephen Penn Original 5:31   Way of the world 6:04  
What you won't do for love 4:46   Blues shuffle 3:39  
Slow blues 6:10  
Solos:   Nobody Like Him (drum solo) 3:59   This little light 5:09(w/drum solo)  
I love to praise Him & praise break   Randy's MP3's for remaining play list.