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Drummer playing all styles, moved back to Fresno July 2016 after spending the last 25 years in L.A. ( Venice Beach California ).
I hosted Sunday nights at Canters Kibitz Room in Hollywood (Video) and Rolling Stone Magazine article 1993.
I also hosted Wednesday and then Friday nights at the Venice Bistro on Venice Beach back in the 1990's.
Currently playing drums on worship team at Clovis First Assembly of God

Up One Hundred Plus (YouTube Video) 3:46
I Can't Quit You Baby-Encore (YouTube Video) 6:01
Blues at the Trip in Santa Monica (YouTube Video) 8:33
Pic's and Videos on Fresno TV Randy Drumming for Cab ...

VeniceLion originals:
Recorded live (Jazz) West LA Jazz Jam Sessions
Recorded live (Variety) Cab Street
Recorded live (Country) Greg Cruz, Wolf & Randy
Recorded live (Classic Rock) Peter, Greg, Randy
In the studio (Alternative Rock)
Recorded live Traditional Gospel
Recorded live Contemporary Christian
Modern Drummer article The Randy
Chauncey 1969 Iron Butterfly, Eric Burdon and War

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solo: Strong Tower Drums 5:00
solo: Drum Solo 2:45
Recorded Live on Venice Beach (Al, Warren, Randy):
Dolly Dagger 5:09   Candy 7:02   Fast Walking Blues 4:49  
Don't Know 5:18   Girl from El Segundo 3:54   Bennie 3:36  
Afghan Shuffle 5:01   She's Strange 7:24   Candy 7:13  
Way of the World 4:27   Fast Walking Blues 4:44  
Foot Steps in the Dark 6:20   No Name 5:36  
Fast Walking Blues 6:09  
Dolly Dagger technical difficulties drums continue 6:35  
Groove one 7:30   Western - Al Robinson Original 5:36  
Blues Shuffle 4:01  
Recorded Live on the Beach (Al, Stephen, Randy):
Walking blues 3:32   Get on up 3:24   Don't know 7:44  
Groove one 8:23   Groove two 9:27  
Stephen Penn Original 5:31   Way of the world 6:04  
What you won't do for love 4:46   Blues shuffle 3:39  
Slow blues 6:10  
Solos:   Nobody Like Him (drum solo) 3:59   This little light 5:09(w/drum solo)  
I love to praise Him & praise break   Randy's MP3's for remaining play list.

Rolling Stone Magazine article